The product description:

1.Upright prowled two-spindle structure. Using aluminum parts make the machine's weight reduce drastically.

2.Using import high precision linear guide, the guide is closed up the unique design of sheet metal completely.

3.Using Japan YASKAWA Servo motor and imported precision reducer, high speed, accurate and the protection grade as high as IP67.

4.Using Japan OMRON computer, stability, reliability, long life.

5.Adopt independent spray nozzle. Atomization effect is excellent. Each a nozzle's volume of release agent can adjust alone, nozzle's angle can be adjusted.

6.With its own blow pipe, can blow powerfully and cleaning up the remains of the mold effectively.

7.The dynamic model of spray divided into many road to independent control, can be moved to any position open or close the nozzle.

8.Using handheld operating terminal. Set setting and operation in one. Through the touch human-computer interface can be free to edit spraying program, can fixed spraying, floating spraying or aim at the layout for mould coating.

9.When the mould replacement modification program without change spray nozzle. So than copper tube type spraying use cost lower.

10.Has the mould storage function.

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