The product description:

1. Vertical rotating structure, nozzles rotate to counter-operating side, avoiding nozzle damage due to mold carry-over. 

2. Rotating mechanism adopting Japanese cylinder drive, with Germen WERUMA hydraulic buffers to make the rotating action quick and stable.

3. Ascending and descending driven by Japanese KURODA cylinder with self-locking unit to prevents the spraying nozzle from falling when the wind pressure source suspends functioning. 

4. The newly redesigned atomizer has wider regulation range of spraying dosage and better atomizing effect. The atomizer is mounted symmetrically, so that each nozzle spraying amount is more uniform.

5. CCS-3# models and above adopt four-linkage structure to achieve better stability.

6. Two standby modes available: mold-on or  backward. Descending in advance function to reduce spraying cycle.

7. Function of nozzle floating to ensure uniform spraying and cleaner mold.

8. OMRON computer ,SMC solenoid valve and cylinder from Japan  ensure longevity and low failure rate.

9. Clear and simple settings on Chinese color touch interface with automatic error diagnosis for easier  operation and maintenance.

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