The product description:

1.Using horizontal multi-link arm, console model installation design compact, cover an area of an area. Connecting rod type arm, carrying capacity is strong. Using imported motor reducer and Converter. Arm has more paragraphs speed control higher than pneumatic control in the stability. Can do high- speed action, and has no impact.

2.Because of using electricity drive in the arm,so can use function to follow up in advance (Before the opening mold, the arm go forward to the edge of die to wait.). Shorten the cycle of take out effectively.

3.The product's clamp device adopts a pneumatic clip claws, can switch between three claws and four claws. Convenient adjustment, wide serviceability.

4.The arm position uses Japan KOYO electronic CAM control. Compared · with the traditional mechanical CAM more accurate, more low failure rate, the position setting realize digital.

5.All the time parameter and position can set by touch screen settings. Have operation tip and fault diagnosis function. Can monitor extracting machine's action.

6.The machine's height is adjustable. Using the four pillars lifting mechanism, stable, reliable, economical. Suit with taking out much shot location.

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