The product description:

1.Using four vertical pillars, three template structure, lengthen four-column guide sets. Using the numerical control machine processing, With high precision, high strength, realize the precise shearing.

2.Using the ceiling-mounted oil box design, Beautiful shape, reduce pipeline connection loss, save floor space, Under the machine can place the garbage truck, facilitate health cleaning.

3.All sides equip with closed metal nets. To ensure the safety of operation. The left and right and the operation have the open protective door, facilitate mould installation.

4.Quadruple security protection to ensure that molmerged security: (1).Hydraulic loop has back pressure valves, prevent oil cylinder to slide.  (2).Having gas control and fall device, only in the air has pressure and when the anti falling cylinder pulls out that will do a molmerged action. (3).Using the high reliability safe curtains, to ensure personal safety. (4).Equipped with protective door switch, only the door closed, having molmerged action.

5.Using the high quality imported hydraulic components and sealers, to ensure high reliability, no oil leakage, low noise.

6.Using Japan OMRON PLC control, imported electric component failure rate is extremely low. 

7.Equipped with touch human-machine interface, easy to set parameters, with fault prompt functions, maintenance and use is very handy.

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